Institutional Research & Planning

About OIRP

Mission Statement:

To promote and support institutional planning, evidence-based decision-making, and accountability, by providing quantitative information and analysis, and related professional services, to Carleton’s senior management, faculty and staff.
To foster understanding of the University’s activities by defining, collecting and disseminating standardized statistics, and by performing innovative institutional research.

OIRP Staff:

Bruce Winer, Assistant Vice-President (Institutional Research and Planning)
520-2600 ext.1581

Bruce Winer has both studied and worked at Carleton for enough years to make him a familiar fixture around campus. He has a Masters in Arts (Economics) from Carleton and has worked in various capacities on the Academic and Administrative sides of the university. Commencing in the ‘Statistical Software Section’ of Computing Services, Bruce has worked as Assistant Dean in the (late) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Director of the (late) Office of Planning Analysis and Statistics and latterly as the Associate Director of OIRP. Living much of his life in Ottawa, Bruce also has some background in the federal public service, significantly, including a stint as a carpet tester for the Department of Public Works.

Bruce takes the helm in OIRP as Carleton enters into a more challenging environment for universities in the province – both financial and demographic pressures will make it more difficult for Carleton to continue to fulfill its integrated mission of learning and advancing knowledge. Given this environment, he intends to continue OIRP’s goal of promoting planning and evidence based decision making and to continue with building on the strong foundation of technical and human resources that already exists in the office.

Sue Gilmour, Manager, Government Reporting
520-2600 ext.4471

Sue Gilmour began her career at Carleton as a summer student in the Housing Office in May 1988 while completing her Honours thesis in Psychology. She became a permanent employee in the Spring of 1989 in the Office of the Vice-President (Planning & Development). Today, as Manager, Government Reporting, her primary duties include reporting university enrolment and graduation statistics to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development, Statistics Canada, Council of Ontario Universities and is responsible for the timely submission of new academic programs for provincial funding eligibility.

Sue is Secretary to the Salary Adjustment Commission, whereby she acts as the liaison to both CUASA faculty members and the Commission itself for individual salary adjustment cases.

Tyler Hall, Manager, Institutional Analysis
520-2600 ext.2206

Tyler Hall joined Carleton University in February 2008 from St. Clair College in Chatham, ON where he taught introductory chemistry courses. His current role at OIRP involves coordinating and analyzing the various surveys that Carleton University participates. Tyler is also responsible for the analysis of faculty data and Carleton’s respective reporting obligations, course availability and planning, University rankings, as well as analytic and program evaluation projects to support the university. Tyler is currently serving as the president of the Canadian University Survey Consortium (www.cusc-ccreu.ca)

Tyler has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from Carleton.

Nathasha Macdonald, Director, Strategic Analysis, Planning, and Accountability
520-2600 ext.4473

Nathasha’s current role in OIRP focuses on analysis supporting strategic projects, environmental scans, indicators, co-ordinating MAESD’s accountability reports such as the Strategic Mandate Agreement Report Back, as well as general and specific institutional analysis on retention/graduation and student success.

She came to Carleton University in September 2005 from the Canadian Council on Social Development where she worked as a researcher. Previously, Nathasha was an Instructor at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook BC where she taught various courses in economics and quantitative methods. She also worked as a research analyst for the Centre for Education Information in Victoria, BC where she began doing research on post-secondary outcomes and indicators.

Nathasha has a B.Soc.Sc. (Economics) from the University of Ottawa, and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Victoria.

Emma Scammell, Analytics and Process Administrator
520-2600 ext.3617

Emma Scammell joins OIRP with a background in the study of human occupation, as well as experience with applied research. She is familiar with Carleton, having studied here for her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from 2008-2012. Following her Undergrad, Emma studied Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto, and has worked in both clinical and research capacities since graduating in 2014. Emma’s draw to the Office of Institutional Research and Planning comes from a desire to help students across campus reach their goals, which is greatly informed by data.

Jie (Joyce) Bai , Analyst
520-2600 ext.1726

Jie Bai began working at Carleton University in January 2009. She had previously worked as a research assistant at the Centre for Public Management, where her primary role was to perform research, data gathering, and preliminary analysis in the area of organizational risk analysis.

Currently, Jie works as an analyst in OIRP coordinating and administering a number of internal student, graduate, and employee surveys and contributing to the analysis of other consortium-based surveys; supporting faculty data verification, reporting and analysis and responding to requests for statistics and analysis, as well as for other information maintained by OIRP.

Jie has a B.Comm. (Finance) from Carleton University.

Tesia Bojorquez, Analyst
520-2600 ext. 2195

Tesia Bojorquez joined Carleton University in June 2010. She had previously worked at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (Mexico) as an administrator for a graduate program and was part of a research team where her primary role was to gather qualitative and quantitative data, and preliminary analysis in the area of International Migration.

Currently, Tesia works as an analyst in OIRP contributing to the analysis of consortium-based surveys, supporting with diverse elections on campus, collecting and analyzing employment equity data, as well as responding to data requests.

Tesia has a Bachelor in International Studies and a Masters in North American Studies from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS).

Agustin Magrans Rico, Manager, Business Intelligence & System Analytics
520-2600 ext.3911

Agustin Magrans Rico has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Havana. He had previously worked as a network administrator and assistant professor in the Faculty of Math and Computer Science at the University of Havana. In 2014, he joined Carleton University as a master degree student/research assistant. After completing his Master’s degree at Carleton, Agustin joined OIRP as an employee.

Currently, his main role is to develop business intelligence applications, design ETL, identify and resolve process bottlenecks, solve data quality issues and develop different prediction models.