Institutional Research & Planning

Undergraduate Admissions

There are four admission statistics that we follow throughout the undergraduate admission cycle (some are more relevant than others depending on the point in the cycle – please read "Admission Timelines For Fall Intake" guide below). The four admission statistics are: applicants, approvals (offers), confirmations and registrations.

On this page you have a few options on how you see the admission statistics. They vary in the amount of detail available for undergraduate admissions. Generally the admission statistics are updated frequently (sometimes daily at critical points), and they are presented alongside the previous year’s numbers (both matched by day and the final outcomes).

Report 1: Summary by Degree (Undergraduate) report is a high level summary of the admission statistics, with the ability to filter on Faculty.

Report 2: For more detail on Undergraduate admissions, you can look at the Admissions Report. Within the Report is the ability to specify Academic Faculty, Department, Degree and/or Major. As well as application choice, and application type (e.g., direct from HS applicants (OUAC 101s)).

Data Cubes: The Data Cubes offer you the ability to break down the statistics by a number of variables. There are two versions of the Data Cubes. The ‘Original Data Cube’ is generally a good place to start. For more advanced users, ‘Perspectives’ offers the most flexibility and ability to add variables/drill-down. If you would like an orientation to the Data Cubes, or have any questions, please contact oirp_administrator@carleton.ca.

For those looking for the previous format of OIRP's weekly admission reports, please check here.