Institutional Research & Planning

On-line Student Experience Questionnaire F.A.Q.

When will my students be able to fill out the questionnaires?

For Winter term courses, Student Experience Questionnaire invitations will be sent out starting March 31st. Students will receive an invitation from ‘Carleton-Student Experience Questionnaire’ in their Carleton email account. The email will contain a link to the Student Experience Questionnaire portal where they will be able to fill out all their questionnaires that are being conducted online. The system will close on April 14th.

I have a student that claims to have not received their email. What should I do?

The email invitation is only one of many ways to reach the Student Experience Questionnaire portal. A link will be made available in the MyCarleton Portal and Carleton’s mobile app which will take students to their Student Experience Questionnaires. Also, a link will be available on the oirp.carleton.ca/teaching-evaluations page linking to the Student Experience Questionnaire portal.

If a student is still experiencing difficulty, please have them contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning for Assistance (email: teaching.evaluations@cunet.carleton.ca)

Is the online system still anonymous?

The online questionnaire is confidential and anonymous. The online Student Experience Questionnaire system is designed so it can keep track of who has completed a questionnaire and will only allow them to complete one questionnaire per course. There is no way to identify who completed any particular questionnaire.

I am concerned about response rates for my Student Experience Questionnaires. What should I do?

OIRP is working to help all courses obtain good response rates by having a broad communication campaign including ads, web links, and social media. However, you can help as well by encouraging students in each session during the last two weeks of your class to check their email for a link to participate. You may also choose to read the notice we have posted which should provide comprehensive information to students on how the system works (available here). Also, you could send out a notice to your class through cuLearn or WebCT encouraging participation. Finally, you may also choose to stress the importance of the Student Experience Questionnaire process to encourage students to participate.

What has OIRP done to ensure that the online system will not give differing results from the paper system?

This is not the first time Student Experience Questionnaires are being done online at Carleton. We have previously conducted a pilot to ensure that there weren’t any systematic differences between the online and paper systems. To read the report on the pilot system, you can click on this link to review the findings: Report on Online Pilot (Winter 2012)

Could I give time in class to my students to fill out their Student Experience Questionnaires online still?

Sure. If students have laptops, tablets, or smartphones that are connected to the internet in your class, they could log on and fill out the questionnaire during a designated time in class. Remember that if you are giving time in class for the Student Experience Questionnaires, the same rules apply as the paper questionnaires. You may appoint a student administrator to assist the process, but you must leave the room while students are filling out the questionnaires.

Can I preview what the online Student Experience Questionnaire form looks like?

Absolutely! Please note that the new sample Student Experience Questionnaires are currently being updated and will be posted shortly to our website. We have created sample forms for preview. Simply click on the below links for the appropriate form: