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On-line Teaching Evaluations F.A.Q.

How do I know if my class is included in the online teaching evaluation system?

The best way to find out is to ask your instructor. Roughly 85% of all courses will be evaluated online, but some courses will still be done on paper. When you click on the link in your Carleton email, you will be taken to the Teaching Evaluation Portal and see all your courses that are being evaluated online.

When will I be able to complete my evaluations online?

Evaluations will be open for the last two weeks of classes. For Fall courses this means that the system will be open between November 22 – December 6.

How do I access the system to complete my evaluations?

The easiest way to access the system is to check your Carleton email account any time during the last two weeks of your class. Each student with a course being evaluated online will receive an email directing them to the teaching evaluation portal where they will be able to complete all of their evaluations. A link is also available in the MyCarleton portal and in Carleton’s mobile app, both will take you to your Teaching Evaluations.

What if I don’t receive an email? How can I still complete my course evaluations?

If you have a course that is being evaluated online but don’t receive the email to your Carleton email account, there are several steps you can take. First, check your junk mail to ensure that the invitation didn’t inadvertently end up in the junk folder. If you still don’t have an invitation there are several other ways to access the system. Links are available in the MyCarleton Portal and in Carleton’s mobile app. Alternatively you can return to oirp.carleton.ca/teaching-evaluations where a link will be available during the last two weeks of classes directing you to a login page to access the portal.

What is my user name and password for the portal?

Your user name and password are the same as your MyCarletonOne password that you use to access the MyCarletonPortal, cuLearn, and your student email.

Can I fill out my teaching evaluations on my mobile device?

Yes. Online teaching evaluations are able to be completed on just about any computing or mobile platform.

Is the online system still anonymous?

Yes! Just as the paper evaluations are filled out anonymously and the results are not given to the instructor until after grades are finalized, the same safeguards are in place for the online system. The online system does keep track of who completes their evaluations to ensure that each student can only complete one evaluation per class, however your completed evaluations are stored anonymously without any identifiable information. Additionally, information on who completed (or did not complete) their online teaching evaluation will be kept confidential and not released to your instructor.

Why are some evaluation questionnaires different this term?

Carleton University is piloting a new student evaluation questionnaire. Some of the courses that you are taking this term may be selected to participate in this important initiative. We encourage you to take the time to complete all the questions.