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Data Cube Technical Notes

What are the general System Requirements to use Data Cubes?

While the cubes are accessible from small screen devices (such as smartphones) the amount of information displayed is not conducive to access on the small screen. Tablet sized devices and larger are recommended.

The cubes are not fully touch-screen aware and are therefore somewhat less effective on touch-screen devices, though they do have accessibility features which allow full functionality by key-stroke alone. The drag and drop features of all instances of the cubes are best used with a mouse or touch pad.

The Public cubes are accessible from any modern browser from any computer system.

What are the System Requirements to use the Internal Data Cubes?

Access to Internal Data Cubes is only available to MyCarletonOne (CUNET) account holders and has been tested to work directly with Windows Clients using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Vivaldi.

For Firefox users on Windows use version 38.3.0 or higher.
For Macintosh users, use Safari 5.1 and later (authentication from other browsers will not work).

For Linux or Solaris users, use Firefox version 38.3.0 or higher (authentication from other browsers will not work).

What should I know as an On-Campus User of the Internal Cubes?

Access to the Internal Cubes is always controlled by authorization using your MyCarletonOne (CUNET) account: see Your MyCarletonOne Account . Depending on the network configuration, you may be prompted for the User Name/Password combination – access is granted using the MyCarletonOne Account.

How to access data cubes off-campus?

Access to the Public cubes, is the same on or off campus. Access to the OIRP Internal Cubes requires a VPN connection see: Remote Access; in accordance with Carleton policy for access to university computers from off-campus.
Once the VPN connection is established, you may access the cubes in the same manner as you would on-campus. You may be prompted for a User Name/Password combination – you should enter your MyCarletonOne (CUNET) user name and password. In some circumstances, the user name must be entered in the form: cunet\your-user-name .

Need more help?

Please contact oirp_administrator@carleton.ca for assistance.