Institutional Research & Planning

Upcoming Training Sessions

Winter 2020

January 2020
TBD Departmental Measures & Ratios#

February 2020
TBD Graduate Admissions*

March 2020
TBD Undergraduate Admissions*

Spring 2020

May 2020
TBD Intro to the Cubes: Enrolment, Retention & Graduation*

Details for our Winter & Spring 2020 training sessions will be available later this year.
* Data cube training session on specific topic
# Training session on specific data tables available from our website

Documentation about the Cubes can be found here:

Data cubes technical notes

Slicing and dicing in the Perspectives cubes

Previous training sessions: Retention and Graduation, DFW Rates, Undergraduate Admissions, Course Planning and Departmental Measures (please email for documentation oirp.administrator@carleton.ca)