Institutional Research & Planning

Upcoming Training Sessions


June 26, 2019
9:30 –10am Perspective Cubes Refresher
10 –11am On-going Registrations*

July 17, 2019
10 –11am Intro for Beginners & Enrolment*
1:30 –2pm Perspective Cubes Refresher
2 –3pm On-going Registrations*

2019/2020 Training Sessions will be posted soon!

* Data cube training session on specific topic
#Training session on specific data tables available from our website

To register for any of our upcoming sessions please visit the Learning and Professional Development website by clicking on this link.

Documentation about the Cubes can be found here:

Data cubes technical notes

Slicing and dicing in the Perspectives cubes

Previous training sessions: Retention and Graduation, DFW Rates, Undergraduate Admissions, Course Planning and Departmental Measures (please email for documentation oirp.administrator@carleton.ca)